Similarly to our supply only service, we also provide an installation only service when requested.

Although our customer portfolio for this service extends across a wide range of businesses, organisations and individuals, it is most often requested by contractors and FM companies. This is due to the quality of workmanship and the standards that we work to being recognised by both the end users, and our business partners.

When working with contractors and FM companies on large scale installations, materials and equipment may have been sourced under a separate tender exercise which was limited to only their approved suppliers. As such, the materials and equipment are not required from us, but the skills and experience required to ensure a successful installation is completed on time and fault free are.

In such situations where only our installation services are requested, we still guarantee a professional attitude with our consistent attention to detail. Whether we are working on a large site installing hundreds of units, or liasing closely with an architect on a small but personal project, our ethos to provide 100% customer satisfaction is obvious from the finished product.

If you require an installation only service from a professional company that you can feel confident and re-assured in, then Trade-Mate is the only choice.